She:  We need to call the critter guys.

He:   Honey, don’t start this again.
She:  No, really, there is something in the attic.
He:   No, really, there is not anything in the attic as the critter guy told us last spring.
She:  I can hear it.  Them.  Whatever.
He:   The guy told us last year, when you were hearing things in the attic, there is nothing there.  It’s bats and they are on the outside of the house.  Under the gutter.
She:  I can hear them scampering.  In the attic.
He:   You know what’s funny about you?
She:  Hmmmm?
He:   You don’t know anything about critters.  Nothing.  This guy has a wildlife degree from a reputable university.  He’s been ridding our house and yard of creatures for over five years and has been in business a good deal longer.  And yet you still think you know more than he does.
So I let it go.  Until I lay in bed from 3:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m.  Listening.  I now agree that it may be possible that it’s bats on the outside of the house.  Which completely convinced me that we need to call the critter guy.
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10 thoughts on “Batty

  1. Brett says if they’re vampire bats we’re not moving. I’ve assured him they’re not, but if you find out differently please let me know.

  2. One of my colleagues who lives nearby recently told me that we have lots of bats hanging out in the trees around our neighborhood. I’ve been completely flipped out about it since then, even though I’ve never seen them. But at least they’re supposed to be good at getting rid of mosquitos, which we definitely have too many of around here…

  3. It sounds like you have squirrels. We have had them this spring. It’s not uncommon but I feel like we live in Grey Gardens or something. It’s so gross.

    We learned that the critter catcher is expensive and of little help with squirrels. They live trap them (which is the most effective) and then charge for each removal. If they can find their point of entry, it’s worth it. I suggest a DIY; there’s LOTS of stuff on the internet about the most effective way to evict the trespassers.

  4. We had flying squirrels in our attic that would roll nuts across the floor in the middle of the night. Almost drove us crazy until we called Varmint Busters. Love the name! My husband LOVES seeing bats flying in our yard at night. Evidently they really do help keep down the mosquito population which can really be bad here.

  5. You probably do have critters if you hear them scampering. We’ve been there. Look very closely for where they might be entering. If you find the place, secure it during the daytime when they would not be in your attic. Of course the attic should be closely checked first to make sure they are not there. Also, look for babies just in case.

    And yes, it is probably squirrels—or heaven forbid–rats.

  6. Not to scare you, but we just went through this last month at my house. My husband kept telling me I was crazy. Critter Control set a trap and we had a RACCOON in our attic!

  7. Oh I went through this exact thing…it was squirrels. Trouble is we never caught them in there but did see the place they had chewed to get into the attic…fix it now before winter comes. We even found pecans they had hidden….smart little devils.

  8. Been there, done & doing that except with pesky possums Mrs. B. It really is a universal thing that the 'boys' in our lives slumber on while we are kept awake for hours by the adventures of our resident wildlife, worrying about the damage that's being done. You are right to 'request' action here.
    Millie ^_^

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