Fools Rush In

My latest Spaces article is about vintage wicker so it has been on my mind.  

Ok, so maybe it’s not so comfy, but it does have that casual summer air that is perpetually charming.  And that creaky, crunchy sound of settling into a wicker chair is one that is always on the tip of your brain.

Of all the styles, this one, with the big diamond weave, is my favorite.

In black, of course.
Images, from top, Hernan Arriaga for Rita Noona Schrager, Elle Decor, June 2009, photographed by William Waldron, a sketch by Albert Hadley featured in Albert Hadley, The Story of America’s Preeminent Interior Designer, Bunny Williams, her own home, from An Affair with a House and Colleen Bashaw for Congress Hall, House & Garden, August 2003, photography by Roger Davies.
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15 thoughts on “Fools Rush In

  1. Long ago I fell in love with a style of wicker known as Bar Harbour. Generous in scale but straight-backed, very circa 1910. Solid, no frills, finely woven, and resoundingly elegant, like a fresh-faced Edwardian woman in a black skirt and a white shirtwaist. I recall it was painted or stained jet black. It furnishes the piazza of my dreams.

  2. I love your choices!!! I have been looking for a wicker chair for my keeping room. I love them…beauty over comfort anytime!!! There are always down cushions to cozy them up!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. The first image from Elle Decor caught my eye when I flipped through the issue too. My dream is a white porch, aqua ceiling, black wicker furniture, fig leaf cushions in original green.

  4. As Aesthete notes you are showing pictures of wicker furniture in the Bar Harbour style. Popular in the 1890s through 1910s period. I am super fortunate to have a full set, stained black, that I bought at Corner House Antiques in Sheffield Mass about 8 years ago, a firm that specializes in antique wicker (inventory is mind boggling — check out their website at The owners, Tom and Kathy Tetro are really nice and extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

    We use our Bar Harbour wicker on our screened porch and love it, with cushions covered in wonderful Orientalist Tree of Life patterned rough linen, which looks really great with the black wicker. Turns out there’s a whole world of furniture and decorative objects (lamps, planters, magazine racks, etc.) that was specifically made for porches, most of which has been either lost to the elements or absorbed indoors these days. Its become a bit of an obsession of ours!

  5. I love the black wicker, it adds a touch of sophistication to the comfortable spring & summer outdoor/ porch setting, and especially indoors anytime of the year. Pillows are a must!

  6. * What a DELIGHTFUL way to start a BEAUTIFUL day here in the desert, & remind me of "my first"… (just like the one pictured here, too!)…

    ~~~ I was verrry young, married for just a few years & we were living in Germany. I bought one at "the factory" (a true "SPLURGE" at the time, for sure… DH was just a young Army officer & money was TIGHT!), while on a FULLLL DAY of "shopping factories" w/ "the girlfriends"~ And HONESTLY, I couldn't have received a ten carat diamond & been MORE thrilled than I was w/ that new wicker chair!!! (And the FUN & LAUGHTER involved in finding & buying it & PACKING it into a friend's big car ~~~~~~~ what a day!!!). (And even tho a leg broke in a susequent move, I kept that baby for years, "just for looks!"~~~~~~~~~~Ahhhh, those wonderful days of youth & impracticality!!!…Makes me "SOOOO SMILE" remembering the chair AND the FUN "DAY TRIP", too!!!)~~~

    Thanks so much ~ such a PLEASANT "memory-maker" to enjoy this a.m.!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  7. We are so thrilled the season for outdoor meals is here!! Finally the rains here have subsided!

  8. Kill me now, my wicker went on to another place last fall as we prepared for Winter and my mind dreamt of something in metal, more mod.
    But oh, what a can of black spray would have done…
    too late now crying over spilt milk.

  9. Chairs? Yes. End tables and chaise longues? Sure! Guest bed… please not again. Thought I would crack the thing in two with each toss or turn, up all night.

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