Sunny Side Up

I saw George Terbovich yesterday and he said, “Aren’t we having the prettiest spring?”

Well, no.  No, we’re not. In fact, it has rained four days out of five, but when I mentioned this he said, “Oh, I know, but everything is so green!  It’s so good for the flowers.  It’s just beautiful.”

Perhaps his sunny disposition will rub off.  Until then I will find my sunshine inside his shop which has donned a spring frock.
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13 thoughts on “Sunny Side Up

  1. Just wanted to pop in and say I love the spirit of your last three posts. Too harried to say anything coherent. Always a pleasure.

  2. Ah, the difference between a gardener and an admirer of gardens. I am voting with George on this one. When it is near 100 for days and no rain insight, a rainy, green-fresh spring will be a lovely, floating image. George sounds like a kind and wise prophet.

  3. The rain we’ve had the past week has made everything just POP! And everything is just glowing green. It looks like almost all of the trees are totally leafed out now.

  4. Same here, rain and thunderstorms, all my flowering trees looking soggy sad! It’s rather depressing, since I need sunshine like Prozac…
    Anyway, reading lovely blogs certainly helps…:)

  5. Does George have any umbrellas? I have lost track of the rain….day 5…I am feeling rather British and my skin never looked better….nice and dewy.
    I wish George had a store here.

  6. I hear you on the rain! Here in upstate NY, it’s been grey and wet for days. “But it’s so green!” Eddie squeals. Can’t wait to catch up soon!


  7. I hear ya on the rain! But I do like Mr. Terbovich’s disposition… and YOUR BLOG… I love the picture with wire urn so electic and cottage chic!

    Will add you to my blogroll… heard about you from bluehydrangea- sissy. Please consider adding me to yours. I just did a post on how to improve your disposition in this weather.


  8. I think it has rained 85% of the time we have lived in our new house–but no leaks! I guess your sunny outlook is contagious. : )

  9. If I ever do return to Kansas City I know I’ll head straight to this place. It looks like you could just spend hours perusing, staring, hand-in-chin-imagining all the lovelies in your home.

    (and I can’t help but see a corner of apparel? accessories? in that first photo…what kind of stuff does he carry?)

  10. Patricia, George might consider a downtown location, I know of a wondeful spot in the historic industrial district. It looks like the sun is popping out…Have a great weekend.

  11. I love the planter with the tassel type feet. Always looking for wonderful pieces for my screened porch. Here in the South, our porch is our life!

  12. not much rain here in So. California…and i like the sunshine!
    i just love the garden stool you posted – one of the prettier ones i’ve seen.

  13. I have to agree about that lovely planter. I’m doing a sloooow patio decorating project for out back and it would look wonderful by the door. That looks like a lovely store!



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