Reliable Rosie

Everyday, like Scooby Doo when he sees the villain in the rubber mask, Rosie accordions the rug in the front hall when the mail carrier arrives. Everyday.

And everyday I straighten it out while she dashes through the house, hits the lever on the back door, runs around to the gate and barks until he gives her a dog biscuit. Every. Single. Day.
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22 thoughts on “Reliable Rosie

  1. Mrs. Roosevelt the beagle routinely rearranges a very similar rug in our front hall. Mr. B returns from the office to either complain about the dog, who he dislikes, or the rug, which he finds to be old and worn. I love them both, the old rug and the old beagle. Wonderful!

  2. And every day in summer, Apple moves the dining room curtain aside in order to lie flat out atop the air-conditioning vent.

  3. Hey at least she's consistent. Irma Jean will bark quite loudly then take the biscuit delicately, gobble, then bark again as if no treat happened.
    Dogs rock!!!!

  4. absolutely precious!
    i have told the UPS man to bring Penelope a treat, hoping she would like him… but he must be forgetful.

  5. I doubt it would stop the problem, but maybe a sticky rug pad would help. You really probably hate to spoil all the fun anyway.

  6. Of course she does. She gets rewarded for it. Kinda smart dogs are…

    Mine does this to the kitchen rugs daily when I make him sit and stay before feeding. You'd think I'd learn to teach him to stay somewhere else, but I think its kind of cute…

  7. Northsidefour – we are in a very similar situation.

    Rosie is quite terrific, as is the mail carrier. I do think they have an understanding.

    And, yes, she opens the door by herself if it is not locked. It's medium amusing unless you are the door closer for the 10th or 12th time.

    And, no, no rug pad. I don't think it would work. Besides, would I cut a hole in the pad to accommodate the hole in the rug? It was Mr. B's grandmother's and I adore it.

  8. Pearl can open a couple of our doors too — unless they are bolted. At exactly 10am each morning our rear neighbors let their dogs out. Pearl flings open the door, races to the back fence, barks until I yell for her, then flies in the house and demands a treat.

  9. My friend has a similar situation each day. Her cocker spaniel gets let outside around the time the mail carrier comes where he waits paitently by the mailbox. The mailman pretends to gun the truck at which point the dog takes off and sprints down the length of the property in a race with the mail truck (the dog wins, natch) and the mail carrier throws him a dog bone!! Hilarious….

  10. Yup, with two cats who love to play with my two small rugs, and 4 mindless (I mean that in most loving kind of way) men in my house; I must fix those things 10 times a day. I don't think one of them has ever bent over to fix it…or even see it for that matter. How did that segway to men are bad…sorry about that.

    I wouldn't have it there, but I spilled a can of red paint on my carpet in that spot.

    I love your time work…really nice.

  11. Alicia,

    Your dog is named Irma Jean!!! That is the begin all and end all, love it, can't wait to get a dog and name it Irma Jean, even if it's a male. Alicia you go girl. Ann

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