What I Do When I’m On Deadline

I don’t even really like pink, but these are terrif. On the hunt (just looking…) I ran across this:

Not that I need any more turquoise and gold, but geez. And, in the six degrees thing, it is very similar to the ring Stanley Tucci wears as Paul Child, which you can see on Meg’s blog here.
Image, top, Bazaar, August 2009. And, I’ve lost the link for this particular ring (it’s been that sort of morning) but you can search for Gurhan and they pop up all over the place.
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16 thoughts on “What I Do When I’m On Deadline

  1. what pieces of jewelry do you like most Mrs. B? I find I am always taking most of it off after it goes on-pretty good ones here though. la

  2. Little Augury – I like a lot of jewelry a lot. I gravitate to bigger pieces, usually yellow gold, colored stones, turquoise, pearls. Beads, chains. Oh, and I would take diamonds if I could get them. The only thing I really don't like is jewelry that women get because it's distinguishable as the "thing" to have. I am a jewelry junky.

  3. I am desperate for more tortoiseshell jewelry and am anxiously waiting for the fall season when it starts popping up everywhere. LOVE that 2nd ring.

  4. MRS B;

    First, your headline caught my eye:

    "What I do when I'm on deadline".

    What I do when I'm on deadline is first call Bergdorf's,then flick through the J.Crew catalog once more, check out those new Italian styles in Victoria's Secret catalog, read my favorite blogs (always works), search on eBay for things I already have lots of (Hermes scarves, Hermes anything, go for a walk, call Lufthansa, polish silver, read book reviews in TLS and Guardian.
    When all that procrastinating is completed (part of the writing process, to be sure) I start writing.
    Gurhan: love his jewelry. The yellow gold and his stones have an antique look while being simple and modern, very wearable. Delicious. http://www.thestylesaloniste.com

  5. Yes, you definitely need one of these beauties Patricia. And maybe if you rub hard enough, the famous 'Genie of the Turquoise & Gold Ring' will appear & solve your deadline dilemma in an instant.
    Millie ^_^

  6. Beautiful! And funny…because when I'm on deadline, I manage to drum up 4,000 things to buy, do, and see that have nothing to do with my task as hand, as well!

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