First Things First

It’s a great indulgence when I am in New York to be able to stop in the showrooms and shops that I usually admire from a computer screen. John Robshaw’s fabrics always delight and the only problem is picking which one I would want to adorn the bed or pillow in question.

But the beauty of going to the showroom in New York is that you can see many pieces that are only available to the trade. Robshaw offers furniture that he has produced for the company including these bone inlaid chairs.

The idea of a pair of these chairs in different patterns sends me over the moon.

But it is not all about me. (Well, mostly it is, but..) Rosie would be oh-so-cozy and chic on one of the new dog beds.

It seems we see a lot of the bedding and pillows but are less likely to get a peek of Robshaw’s fabric used in upholstery.

He has recently produced some pieces through John Derian’s line with Cisco Brothers and Rosselli & Associates to craft furniture using his prints.

More chairs. I know, I can’t help myself.

While Robshaw’s block printed pillows are a great accent, the showroom has a wide selection of pillows made from vintage fabrics.

Yep, terrific. I did mention “the customer” might want to see a little more black. Or me. I would like to see a little more black. I might have mentioned it more than once.

Some of the new prints were inspired by the block printing process itself.

A piece of fabric is laid under the fabric to be printed and absorbs the colors and patterns itself. Used over and over these base pieces are a fantastic montage.

There are a few of these on display in the showroom. You want these, too, don’t you? I know.

Equally engaging are the fabrics they inspired.

You can find retailers in your area here. I’m sure a local interior designer would be happy to follow up on any piece that you are interested in that is to the trade only. Follow what is up with John and his crew through their blog here.

p.s. Courtney brought to my attention that the bed, top, can be seen in the home decorated by Michael Smith in the September issue of Elle Decor.
The loveseat, sofa and chair with the jaunty plaid pillow are John Derian for Cisco Brothers; the remaining chairs are through Rosselli. Many thanks to John and Laura Stanley for taking the time to show me around.
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21 thoughts on “First Things First

  1. Oh, I adore your pics and your comments, you must have had one fantastic journey….
    The bedroom is just what I would take over in a heartbeat, chairs and patterns and the cushions and fabrics to die for and about taking pictures under all circumstances, I say go for it!
    Well, without breaking the law, of course! :)))

  2. my kind of store,after watching anthony Bourdain eat his way through the bur-roughs last night,iwas hankering for some
    and if you need a hmong blanket like the one above you know where to find it!

  3. I'm BITING my knuckle on this one. You KNOW how much I love Robshaw {and his beautiful self}I would have been in heaven here!

  4. All of the fabrics are great, but I love that you mentioned the dropcloths.

    We did tons of printing in the textiles studio at KU, and all of us found ourselves unexpectedly in love with our dropcloths. Mine began as an awful hot pink stretch denim from the clearance bin, but after a couple of years became something else entirely. Now I wish I'd kept it, or at least made something out of it.

  5. Mrs. B.,If it's about you-It concerns Rosie-I think she will be just as happy with a Robshaw pillow on her window seat, What did she get? G.

  6. Patricia, did you see a bed similar to the silver Robshaw bed used in Michael Smth's project? I'm really excited about the furniture. Of course all the fabrics are amazing too. Great tour!

  7. David – I think Laura told me that they have had clients buy these drop cloths – some to use as panels for wall hangings. I can see why you would be mourning yours.

  8. Courtney – it is hard to tell from the picture, but the image top is the same bed – or very similar. The headboard is covered in a stripe. It is my poor photography that is making it hard to tell.

  9. Court – honestly, the setting is so different I had to go get the magazine to check. I wouldn't have noticed it myself.

  10. I saw a lot of Victorian/Nap. III chairs in the photos, are they becoming more popular or was it simply particular to those particular

  11. Hi Mrs B-

    The genius of Robshaw is that he takes Indian textile techniques (embroidery and blockprinting to start) and then modifies and edits and rescales and recolors and refines…so it looks somewhat exotic but never like 'my trip to India' or 'what I found in Jaipur'. It is modern and fresh…very enchanting and lovely. Thanks for beautiful post.
    happy days,

  12. Wow. You know I have fabric issues. I just can't say "no". Love it, love them all. I especially love that round floor pillow in the 4th photo. The blue one. It wants me.

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