Off the Rack – You Floor Me

World of Interiors, you charming gentleman, I wonder if you know how eagerly I await your styling?

I’m aware that I am supposed to be admiring this plushy pile,

but all I want to do is run my bare foot across this cool and slightly gritty floor.

You get me every time.
All images by Bill Batten for World of Interiors, September, 2009.
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17 thoughts on “Off the Rack – You Floor Me

  1. Yes indeed Patricia, me too I was immediately looking to that floor, I hadn't noticed the fabrics!
    Ok now I am going to look at these!

    Have a wonderful week!!!

  2. That marble floor is wonderful. I love the patina and can imagine who might have walked across it in times past. Have a great week.

  3. Oh I'm excited! I thought to myself 'Mmm, I reckon that's a gorgeous Greek key border' & I was delighted to see David's comment – yah!! Watch out Patricia, I might just drop the dry & dusty world of science for something far more glamorous very quickly now that I'm an expert! I love World of Interiors too, they are one bunch of cool dudes.
    Millie ^_^

  4. To paraphrase vicki a., I love Mrs. Blandings…she seems to get it just right each time…

    Found myself, all yesterday, thinking about walking across the slightly gritty floor. Magnificent when words stay with you like that. Writing that resonates: the love of the subject walks hand in hand with the craft. You're the tops, Patricia.

    Just had to say it.

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