Posting Pink

Pink is pretty.

Pink is fresh.

Pink is warm.

Pink is pretty and fresh and warm and so are these wonderful pictures, but breast cancer is none of these things.

Breast cancer is scary. So, enjoy these amazingly beautiful pictures, then visit the links below.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Talk to your doctor to make sure you are doing all you can to detect breast cancer as early as possible. Early detection greatly increases your chances of surviving breast cancer. While you are at it, forward this to your best friend or wife or sister to make sure she is doing the same. For more information on screening, treatment and donating please contact the National Cancer Institute and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
All images courtesy of Inspired Interiors by Suzanne Kasler.
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33 thoughts on “Posting Pink

  1. Thanks for the reminder! Early detection is great; prevention is even better–healthy eating habits (no junk foods, no chemicals or artificial anything and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and limited red meats) go a long way towards prevention of all types of cancer. Also, forget the microwave!

  2. Sweet pink..and I thought you would post a photo of your boys wearing pink! I love a little pink in a room and on a boy! I posted a little pink today. (you made me, and I am so glad you did!)

  3. Great post and thank you for encouraging others to post pink…except for me who completely forgot until I got your email late last night. How lame of me 🙁

  4. Great images and touching words, I don't know of anyone who does not have a family member or friend hit by breast cancer. Also remember Back In The Swing which benefits Kansas City area Cancer Centers.

  5. Thank you for reminding everyone – you can run but you can't hide!! I used to joke "in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month – I got it" I am a survivor!
    Again- Thanks

  6. I have Stage 4 Inflammatory Breast Cancer and you are right, it is no joke.

    Thank you for the post and the awareness.

    Renee xoxoxox

  7. I found my first lump in graduate school. I was 22 years old. In my career with breast cancer fear, I have had five biopsies. Thankfully, all have been negative, but 38 years of high anxiety can take the pink off your checks. I may not be PC about this, but if men had breast cancer at the rate women do, there would be a better way to fight this disease. Last year in Lawrence we had Bras Over the Kaw River. Every color, size and shape of bras were standing side by side on both sides of the bridge. To hell with the traveling pants, sister! Thanks for the moment to think about this disease and to stand hook and eye together for all women.

  8. Mary, Renee and HBD – thank you for sharing your stories. We've all been haunted by this disease, whether it's ourselves, our families or a close friend. Wishing you clear scans going forward.

  9. My mammogram is next week!

    For the past three months I have been leaving a gift on the front porch of a good friend for her to find when she returns from her breast cancer chemo. Tomorrow I will be leaving her the last one! Good prognosis, Thank God.

  10. Here's to PINK! Just posted pink myself. I think everyone has been touched by this disease in one form or another. Thanks for raising awareness Patricia!

  11. Hi Patricia, what an amazingly beautiful woman you are! I love your Pink Posting. My dearest friend's 44-year old sister is in stage 4 of this horrific disease. Because of you, I made a posting too…and have sent all of your on to my friend. XXOOXX's Marsha in Houston

  12. I'm following your lead and since I just so happened to have a pink couch in my post today I've updated it to spread the word and am linking back to you. Although I haven't been personally touched by breast cancer I work in cancer research and just lost my father to cancer. It affects us all at so many levels indeed. Thanks for the incredible reminder Mrs. Blandings!

  13. Thanks for reminding everyone about October and Breast Cancer Month. I lost my aunt to this disease. Today a good friend and customer came in and she was in the middle of chemo. I will gladly participate and Post Pink!

  14. Sometimes I just forget how much I do love pink in a room. Girly, Romantic, yes even Sweet- Pink. And all in support of a good cause.

  15. A beautiful & sincere post Patricia. I lost my darling Mum to this insidious disease 21 years ago, she was much too young, we all needed her so & still do.
    Millie ^_^

  16. Mrs Blandings….You and Meg at Pigtown have inspired me to post in kind regarding the donation for breast cancer screening. It will be up in a moment.


  17. Am a bit behind playing catch up….Wish I had been able to do a pink post. My dad's sister is a survivor and I think it is wonderful that the blogging community is getting behind it. Great image pics for pink!

  18. As a survivor, I truly appreciate your posts. I found mine early, and after a stem cell transplant and high dose chemo, I am well even though I had nine positive nodes. It is a terrible disease that affects the entire family.

  19. Sophie – I am so glad to hear that you had a good outcome. It must have been incredibly scary – here's to continued good health.


    Adored you killer 'kids at school' madness blog post.
    I hideous are these people who are supposed to be inspiring and teaching and nurturing ones children.

    I am working on a blog post on PINK…in your honor.
    Will go up later in October. Want it to be good…

    Happy days–and watch our for the POPCORN POLICE!

  21. What a beautiful post – the images and even more so, the spreading of such an important message. You have inspired me to post pink as well.

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