Home Bound

Waylande Gregory keeps coming up to meet me, but we are continually interrupted.  I saw his pieces originally at Hall’s over the holidays and noted their appeal, but, well, you know, sometimes I get distracted.
While I like to sprinkle my Kansas City promotions subtly, I fear this week I have been heavy-handed.  Perhaps the cold and snow is keeping me inside and insider.  I will try and look beyond the hedge next week, but for now I need to point out that Gregory was from Baxter Springs, Kansas.
Gregory’s mother, a concert pianist, moved her three boys from Baxter Springs to (you’re going to love this) Pittsburg, Kansas so they could get a better education.  A wise woman.  Waylande Gregory went on to study at the Kansas City Art Institute and become an influential Art Deco sculptor.  Gregory was responsible for the exterior sculptural decoration of Strong Hall, the main administrative building at KU.  He also designed the Aztec Room at the Hotel President.
Several small vintage pieces are available on line.  This polo pony being particularly enchanting.

The peacocks, Penny, are just for you.

I noticed Bergdorf Goodman had a lovely selection of Gregory’s re-issued pieces when I was in New York; Hall’s carries them here in town.  Terrific, no, with their graphic shapes and crisp black and white? I seem to never get enough of turquoise and gold together.

I just keep thinking three of these square dishes and one circle placed on a cocktail table would be terrif.

Image, top, Elle Decor, March, 2010, photography by Gentl & Hyers.  Images of Gregory courtesy of Pittsburg State University.

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13 thoughts on “Home Bound

  1. Did you have to take Oklahoma history at BKHS too?
    Me thinks you could offer quite the course on audit for parents of the Blandings Boys.
    You know, in your spare time.

    Always learning something new from you…


  2. MC – of course I did – from Coach Stockton. Pretty sure I can still name the five civilized tribes. So glad you stop in.

  3. Thanks for the introduction Patricia. I do love these works of art. The sculptures are incredible, something about the Art Deco period.

  4. Thank you for this post. I just love these pieces. I see things (these I've seen before) but can't always recall where or how I saw them or found them…then it's on to something else. So, this is a reminder (which I'm bookmarking) to remember when I need a little something special in a design project. I love there vintage and found quality (which they are both I'm assuming). As always, thanks for your great info. I don't know what I did before the world of blog and computers. Hope you are well.

  5. I had never paid any attention to this artist–but his work speaks to me–love those peacocks. Thanks for the art history lesson.

  6. There was a dealer at the ceramics show in NY at the National Academy of Design just a couple of weeks ago who had scads of Waylande's original stuff. It was all great and the prices were the same or cheaper than the re-pros at BG. I would definitely track him down and buy the real thing- some of them are just totally fab!

  7. Funny, I find myself drawn to "bas relief" and "art deco" lately. Perhaps it is the graphic relief of humor found in the cirlce in the square.

  8. I love to see new things from different parts of the country.I have never been to Kansas city so I really enjoy these blog post. I love the black mirror with the gold chain arouond the border.Great texture and so interesting. Kathysue

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