Corbu’s Cave

Via the very discriminating House of Beauty of Culture I am passing along the link to Corbu’s Cave.

Rather than just updating his website, Scott Waterman is keeping a blog to showcase his hand at decorative painting. The work is remarkable, but the peek at the process is captivating.  Waterman’s blog is fairly new, so if you go now you can catch up before your to-do list comes to find you.

Images via Corbu’s Cave.

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6 thoughts on “Corbu’s Cave

  1. Ah, Mrs. B., again you send us words (and pictures) from the best. What a delight. Thrilled, honestly, to see both Corbu's Cave and Mr. Waterman's adventures. Thanks (again, as ever).

  2. Dear Mrs. Blandings,

    Thanks so much for the mention.

    It's a bit ironic that you should choose to post the finished room and the maquette for this project. The client was quite alarmed when he saw the model. I think the starkness of the black and white worried him. He was sure it was too much.

    All's well that ends well. sw

  3. Mr. Waterman –

    It is purely my pleasure. Being ignorant of the kind of work that goes in to such a room I was enthralled with the models and plans you have posted. The client's hesitation is a good reminder to all of us to let the professionals do what they do best. It's terrific.

    But I'm with you – less is bore.

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