At Christopher Filley’s Today

Working. I was working. But I would have loved to have had Chris wrap this all up for me to take home. You can’t really see the painting that is leaning on the chest, but I haven’t stopped thinking about it all day.
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9 thoughts on “At Christopher Filley’s Today

  1. Best Design Moments: Powerbook (Mac) or the iBook (Mac). Or, the iPod. All fabulous. Of course, there is also the Chi Flat Iron. Brilliant.

  2. Lovely shop! I adore the tall elegant gold lamps and the way they look with that Chinoserie black-and-gold panel (at least I think it is a panel!) Yum!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  3. You should treat yourself to that painting you can't stop thinking about. Such items are purchases for the soul.

  4. can be seen well enough to know it would be of great delight in your dream house, Mrs. B.

    perhaps Chris can bring it by and you could at least photograph it in it's proposed setting? how much fun would that be, for both of you? 😉

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