Shady Situation

A little bit of randomalia (a term borrowed from Maxminimus.) I have made the rounds of several drug emporiums and blond colored pony tail holders seem to be scarce. Are they being rationed? Kansas City has its fair share of fair haired, both natural and bottle babies, but I’ve never run across a shortage like this.

In addition, Mr. Goody, there is little value in this that I can see. Unless you are the Bradley sisters (surely you remember Betty Jo, Bobbie Jo and Billie Jo) I can think of no household that needs blond, brown and black elastics. White seems like a questionable decision in any situation.
As an aside, the premise for Petticoat Junction was based on stories from creator Paul Henning’s wife who visited a hotel owned by her family in Eldon, Missouri; even I did not know this until checking the spelling on the girls’ names.
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21 thoughts on “Shady Situation

  1. Petticoat Junction,,,haha, that is great. Be sure I will let you know when I find a set of only blonde pony tail holders!

    Art by Karena

  2. Blond hairband shortage has also struck all across the mid-Atlantic states, and now seems to be traveling westward. Is it an epidemic? Wonder how the blonds in Florida or California are faring?

  3. Now I'm feeling really guilty. I buy the blonde pony's all the time though my hair is very dark brown, almost black. I love how it looks when I make a messy bun loosely held together the blonde color – totally casual, like a wide rubber band. But I swear, I have never bought any in KC…

  4. Perhaps they are marketed as "neutrals" rather than "hair colors". Otherwise, red heads have completely lost out. Also, by the time a woman has totally white hair, I doubt that she wears it in a pony tail, but maybe I'm not giving enough credit to women with white hair.

  5. Hahaha! We do have a mix of colors at our house: Dark brown, light brown and dark blond….then there is Tim who is grey. Maybe we should use the white ones on him? Hehe.

  6. Katie – this is your pre-package. I am sending them to you by the case load and am sure Tim will understand when you instruct him to grow his hair out just a bit. One of the funny things about Mr. B is, with three sisters, if I say, "I might grow my hair a bit," he will say, "All one length?" That's good training.

    Lee – I'm with you – and there appeared to be NOTHING for red heads. They should picket.

    Marija – forgive for both style quotient and geography. I love the description.

    Glamorsmith – Had not considered that all the beach beauties were were getting the goods – worth looking in to.

    Karena – no, kidding, do.

    And, Patricia – I have bobbed my hair, but apparently not short enough to avoid the pony – or the humidity. Your bone structure is far superior.

  7. Hilarious! You made me laugh out loud. My husband said – what are you laughing about – I said – you wouldn't understand!


  8. Don't forget those of us whose SILVER is growing in. White looks lovely! That would be the Bradley's mom (I am now channeling…) Hilarious post! d

  9. And oh dear, yes, I am still wearing pony tails…is that wrong? I sort of assumed 80 was the cut off year…

  10. Dominique – Of course, white would be just right and I have a hard time believe I will ever not want to get my hair up off of my neck. 80 or beyond.

  11. I tried, oh how I tried, to relate to your problem here….but you see, I am bald……….

  12. I feel your pain, but alas I have given up and stolen my daughter's garish lime green and turquoise bands.

  13. I have those little round elasticized reminders …all in zany colors…adorning every doorknob in my house. That's where LFG posits them when she takes them out of her hair. More of them obviously, adorn the bathroom door. I dare anyone to remove my little reminders.

  14. I totally understand….as a standard brunette — I think I must have it easier. But, lord knows most day, if they don't start this way, always end in a low pony!

  15. I'm a little late to the game but I too noticed a serious lack of care toward blond bobbies as well by the same Mr. Goody-twos. (The extra long ones.) Everyone's out, and so is my hair. Out to lunch, be back in an hour.

  16. oh dear. I understand the problem because black is often hard to find for one and dark brown fairs better but since she wears them as bracelets and lends I mean gives them to friends I am just happy when we find any regardless of the color! Our blondie has married and taken on the hair accessories issue for her own adult self!
    Love you site by the way.

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