14 thoughts on “Summer’s Fine

  1. its so hicks-esque! I love painted floors. They allow you to do simple furnishings and accent with floor color!

  2. the room is lovely, and the floor is divine! …although i do believe it's a rug -a very flat weave rug, almost the exact size of the room. So, call up mr. dunham; it could all be yours, in a matter of a fed ex!

  3. Yes, the dining room floor, perhaps. And, Oliver, you are certainly right – a rug. Not sure pink and green is the palette for me, but good advice for readers.

  4. wasn't this the same pattern as Mongiardino used on Lee Radziwill's MBR floors …in her Oxfordshire country house? Those were painted i believe.

  5. O – worth a look – I'll see if I can hunt it up as I can't remember. Bilhuber's city place has a similar pattern in black, I think. I wanted to paint the floor of George Terbovich's antique shop like this – gray and white. I still think about it.

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