Bird in the Hand

The first stop on our tour was not an empty nester, but a young mother of two. A young mother of two whose baby had been up, though cheerful, nearly the whole night. (Her house was shockingly clean as well; I am clearly the one with a problem.)

One of the most delightful features of her home was a collection of bird prints. She is moving (as we speak) and was considering hanging many of them en masse in her dining room.

Which, of course, made me think of Suzanne Rheinstein.

Who has a book coming out in the fall.

Chocked full of really fine things (so we come full circle.) You can pre-order here.
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11 thoughts on “Bird in the Hand

  1. Beautiful home, love the prints! Thanks for the link!
    xoxo Beth

    PS Shuddering at the thought of a home tour while raising small children! 😉

  2. I have a beautiful set of botanical prints, now I am really drawn to the Aubusson Birds!

    Art by Karena

  3. Been cyber-stalking Suzanne Rheinstein for years–so happy to know she'll have a book out. Looks like a present–to me, from me.

  4. Ruby – she's unflappable.

    Karena – I love both as well.

    M. A. – my pleasure

    and, Mary Kay – it's the best kind of gift.

  5. Lovely home.
    But where are the plastic toys?

    I decorated in Fisher Price colors in our family room when my kids were young (they are now old and used). When I bought the brilliantly patterned fabric for the sofa slipcover (think Crayola gone mad), the woman at the fabric store asked me, in a worried voice, "Has your husband seen this yet?"

    I think that homeowner puts her young'uns in those large Zip Loc bags when company is due.

    Worked for me, back in the day. Either that, or bus lockers with air holes.

    And her house does not always look like this — unless of course she really does keep those babies in hermetically sealed bags.

    Gorgeous house, though! Love the bird prints. I need to dig out my old ones!

  6. Beautiful home! And clearly I am in the same boat as you as my house never looks shockingly clean! Especially with three sons, the hound, husband and sons' friends constantly in and out! Always enjoy your blog – thanks!

  7. I prefer botanticals to birds. Must be still reeling from Hitchcock's movie which terrorized me as a child. I agree about the massive effort to have young children + house tour. I used to think success was anytime the sink was empty of dirty dishes and no guest got impaled by errant legos on the chairs and sofas. I, obviously, was such a slacker.

  8. She must have someone who comes in to clean the house though (something I can only fantasize about). Thanks for the link to pre-order SR's book. It's on my to-do list.

  9. I am thrilled to see these last few wonderful posts showing beautiful interiors using oriental rugs and English and American antique furniture. Judging by current shelter magazines, one would think that no one decorates this way anymore. This look is so seldom shown in the magazines these days, which is a shame.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I love being able to take the virtual tour with you. I,too, am inspired to get busy cleaning!

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