Scanning the Horizon

The boys’ swim season has just ended and this year was the first time the youngest participated. As he sat at clerk of the course (don’t ask) preparing for his first event my mother-in-law said, “He looks nervous.” “You think? Why?” “He’s swinging his feet.” I looked closer at his lean frame, his forearms resting lightly on the arms of the chair. He was already wearing his googles, their mirrored lenses gleaming in the sunlight, though he would not need their protection for another five minutes or so. “He’s not nervous. He’s happy.”

He’s pretty much always happy unless his older brothers are being older brothers and even then his bother is brief. He inspires me.

As Megan Arquette has inspired me with her post of an image of Charlotte Perriand (you must) in a moment that is joy personified.

As does Diane Dorrans Saeks who featured Bellamont House in Ireland and its beautiful white walls. I’m having a flirtation with white walls and am fantasizing about their crisp, clean freshness.

Which is why I pulled this spread. No other reason than it confirmed my attraction to green and black and white. And happy. Just scrapbooking and playing connect the dots.
All images Veranda, July/August 2001, photography by Casey Sills.
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21 thoughts on “Scanning the Horizon

  1. I love these images! I too am having a flirtation with white walls. As a matter of fact, I decided to leave all the walls white in our new house and I'm loving it. The freshness of it all. And whether you go serene with only black and green, or layer tons of color, everything just feels so fresh.

  2. Funny, I did not even realize that my feet were swinging deliriously, looking at these fresh white images, ready to jump right in, feet first.

  3. I too love the subtle tones and the soft pretty combinations of fabric, curved chairs, painted furniture, botanicals, understated curtains…so nice.

  4. I think that I will move right in. All of my favorite elements are in place and waiting for me. I love the crispness–especially with the summer heat. The Venetian element/mirror/ decoration above the fireplace==it is so perfect as a counterpoint to the simplicity of the room.

  5. Those rooms look cool, fresh and inviting! Especially appealing after many humid/chlorinated swim meets -from another swim mom of three

  6. I, too, am having a white walls moment. And luckily enough, I have a new house to play with. Crisp white walls everywhere but in the library, which will be the green of a martini olive. Cheers!

  7. yup, fresh green and white, a touch of black, clean lines, can't go wrong. Now you've got me wanting to go redecorate.

  8. What a precious visual of your son! Speaking of white – I hated the swim team in my day, The Carriage Club had solid white suits and I was terrified everyone could see right through it! And now I have a brand new home with all white walls! I am enjoying them immensely, but constantly think about whether I should paint an accent wall or add a wallpaper here or there. Maybe I'll just wait…

  9. I have just discovered your blog and behind the power curve. While I may be new to the blog world I am not new to KC, born and raised, now living in Southern Maryland with my family of six. I write my own design/life blog. Thanks for inspiring me with wonderful visuals and stories.

  10. Apple Tree et al – I think the white may be more appealing because of the heat; nearly every white room I see lately I envy.

    Annie – thanks for stopping by – I'll click over to see you shortly.

    And, anon, yes, I've seen your anti-perfection campaign here and there; perhaps you should take it on as your handle. "Down with 'Perfect'" or "Perfection is a Myth." It's possible that it's just a short hand for "It's a perfectly lovely combination," or "The blend of antiques, new and vintage is perfectly charming." It is unfortunate that it is getting under your skin.

  11. Usually, I hate plain ("SAFE") white walls. A White Room is something different! Think Syrie Maugham! These rooms with their white or very pale walls, floors and fabrics, are exquisite! It's the over-all intentional paleness of the white that's notable!
    In general, people who have white walls seem to have them because they're afraid of color! A room with every hue and tone of white can be beautiful!

  12. I just love this look and home. White & green are so calming, aren't they?

    So fun to hear your kids are swimmers. I swam on swim teams from age 5 through college. Crossing my fingers that my kids will like it too.


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