9 thoughts on “GT on ED

  1. I'm a fan of ED.com as well. Always such great finds. That photo with all the white poping against the navy is stunning.

  2. His store is amazing. I've fallen in love with several bags. The quilt in the accessories section has such beautiful and cheerful colors. I can see designing a room around it.

  3. i linked off EEEs blog roll to look at your post on the van gregory & norton mirrors, whose thumbnail reminded me of diatoms. stunning. so i continued reading, and then saw this picture – one i took at the store a few weeks back. my heart fluttered. it was like seeing a friend out in public that you weren't expecting. i also still haven't gotten over the elation of george and connie getting well-deserved praise from the likes of elle decor. it was a great piece, wasn't it.

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