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Back in 2007 when I read Eat Pray Love I did a post about one word associations with cities we know. At the time I wrote, “… one of the things that intrigued me (about the book) was a concept the author introduced in the “eat” section, while she was in Rome. Her friend tells her you cannot live in a city if you are not in sync with it’s “word.” He tells her that each city has one word that describes it. He claims Rome’s is the big s-e-x; she defines New York by ‘achieve.'”
With the release of the movie, and now that I have more than twelve readers, I thought it might be fun to play again. In 2007 I chose “tradition” for Kansas City; you can see other folks feedback here. I’ll post your words tomorrow.
Image from the movie Eat Pray Love; Production Design by Bill Groom with Set Decoration by Andrew Baseman, Raffaella Giovannetti and Letizia Santucci.
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40 thoughts on “Word Association

  1. Austin — hippie
    San Francisco — progressive
    New York — assertive
    London — eccentric
    Paris — grumpy

    — Your 13th reader

  2. How about this for my hometown:

    San francisco – Weird

    I guess is could be a little more PC and say "Alternative"

  3. Indianapolis – bland

    I'm not trying to be negative, but I've been wanting someone to ask me this very question.

  4. From Lawrence, Kansas: couldn't decide whether it's basketball or hotmess (slight cheat, but here we always make up our own rules).

  5. I am fairly new to Minnesota–Winter of '08–but I honestly think that Minneapolis requires two words.

    6 months – Vibrant

    6 months – Glacial


  6. From Lawrence, Kansas: basketball. Or hotmess (I know I'm cheating here. But we're kooky here and make our own rules).

  7. New York was actually "ambition".
    New Orleans is "pleasure".
    Saw the movie last night, and liked it very much. It wasn't too long for me at all.
    xo xo

  8. This is a wonderful fun idea! For Chicago I chose Neighborhood. And I think you are dead on with tradition, Kansas City still lives with me in that way. One more, for a place that used to feel like home, Aspen. Crisp.

  9. My apologies for posting some of these so late – my day kind of got away from me. I'll post the whole list tomorrow.

  10. Queens: hope. (I suppose it's not a city, but it has 2.3 million people from all over the world, so it gets its own word.)

    San Francisco: self-righteous. (Sorry, I live here and love it here, but it's true. We are self-righteous!)

  11. I was on vacation and missed this but think Charlotte is much better than wannabe! I love living here, Emom is right though, it is hot.

    Looking forward to reading your Tribune piece. Congrats!

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