Off the Rack

A quick heads up. I know that not everyone makes a point to pick up World of Interiors every issue, but there is a terrific piece on Anna Wintour’s second Long Island home designed by Jesse Carrier in the October issue. Terrific. And if you think it’s a coincidence that I chose an image with a huge needlepoint pillow in it, you would be wrong.
Image, World of Interiors, October 2010, design by Jesse Carrier; photography by Eric Boman.
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17 thoughts on “Off the Rack

  1. what do you mean not everyone? I, for one, haven't missed an issue in 26 years. I could build an entire monologue about how hard it was, in the early years, to get my hands on it….only one newstand in Palm Beach, only one in Boston…

    Nor have I thrown one out in 26 years. I could not commit such sacrilege. Come to think of it, picking up on our earlier communication, maybe I'm not a secular humanist, but a World of Interiorist…..

  2. That is a once in a lifetime needlepoint pillow and it deserves to sit in that chair all by itself.

    I would just sit across from it and be in luxury.

    Drat that Anna!

  3. Dare I admit, I have never picked up World of Interiors. Well…this is prompting me to. Thanks for the tip…and the chuckle!

  4. It arrived yesterday. Even the cover glowed. Hoping for rain to give me an excuse to spend all day with a pot of tea, WOI and moi.

  5. This room has personality and I love every image with books in it. Dreadful to see houses without books…scary actually.

  6. Oooooh. Thanks for the tip. If this is the house with the chintz and florals then I can't wait. I saw a bit of it in "The September Issue" documentary, decorated by Jeffrey Bilhuber?

  7. World of Interiors…sigh…when all the (magazine) world is jumping on a single bandwagon decreeing the latest fad (Ikat everything, anyone?), WoI is quietly presenting an eclectic confection of wonder, as revealed through some of the world's great decorated spaces. Sheer bliss.

  8. Very excited about Jesse Carrier and equally intrigued by Wintour. I don't usually read World of Interiors but I think I'll give it a go, thanks for the heads up!

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