It’s American Royal Time!

Taking a break from the packing and sorting, Mr. Blandings and I took the boys to the rodeo Friday night at the American Royal.

Nothing better to take your mind off of the mundane than calf roping and barrel racing and bronc riding.

Oh, but I do love those bulls. You know how some people want to jump out of planes or climb Everest or swim the English Channel? I always wanted to ride a bull. Not so much since I’ve had children, but there was a day that I thought I would be really something if I could ride a bull.

Don’t let those brown eyes fool you. Eight seconds of pure terror. Gives me a little bit of a rush every time I see it.

Bull riders aren’t so bad, either. Cowboys in general, actually. Don’t miss out on the fun, the rodeo is in town next weekend as well. The Invitational Youth Rodeo has matinee performances all this week and I can’t think of a better reason to play hooky. The American Royal calendar of events and tickets can be found here.
All images courtesy of Elizabeth Maday.
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19 thoughts on “It’s American Royal Time!

  1. Good for you for hanging around the chutes! Most people don't realize how close they can get to the cowboys and bulls/broncs! Nothing like chatting it up with a cute cowboy before he's flung across the arena floor! Giddy Up!

  2. Love the great memories of the American Royal as a child growing up in KC. I guess that is why the Rodeo in Houston during the months of February and March seem so out of the norm.

  3. A friend and I went to the Winter Rodeo in Tucson a few years ago, and thought we'd make it for about a half an hour. Three hours later, we were still glued to our seats! It was amazing!

  4. So we are back to brown eyes in a package of trouble again, are we? This guy is definitely getting ready to show who is boss. Glad you had a great night out.

  5. Wish we had lived near a rodeo when our boys were younger – they would have loved it!! And aren't you quite the daring one – don't think I could even have thought about riding a bull – maybe a mechanical one!

  6. I'm sorry to see this post on your blog. I know that tastes vary from region to region, but I feel that rodeos are cruel to the animals who are used for our entertainment. Check out some of the techniques and tools used to get the animals to react the way they do.

  7. Goodness gracious, Mrs. Blandings. Only you could look that put together in the middle of all the moving chaos. Our last move was the first time I stopped getting ID'd at the liquor store.
    Good that you all got a break and can't wait for your new home posts although I have greatly enjoyed browsing the archives.

  8. Rodeos….that takes me back to my days after college when I lived in Cowtown! I'm sure the boys loved every minute…and mama probably didn't mind the cowboys one bit!

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