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While I was talking with Thomas Jayne last week I mentioned that I had a room that I thought could have made the list. He nodded, good naturedly, and said, “Yes, we actually have a spot on the website where people can post their finest rooms.” It could be, of course, a room of your own, or you can post an interior that inspires you.
I sent a picture of my old dining room. I’m kidding. I did send a picture of Todd Romano’s apartment; if posted, I am quite looking forward to Jayne’s note.
You can send your own selection here.
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11 thoughts on “Your Finest Room

  1. I actually liked your old dining room, particularly after seeing it photographed with all the bells and whistles online for some sort of Kansas City homes spread — can't remember which one it was exactly. It was unique, you took a risk, and that's a place where a lot of good things come from.

  2. Can you repost a picture for old times sake. I must have missed something. If I remember it was brown with black applied molding in large squares with transitional furniture. Am I correct? I really liked your living room and could never understand why you did not carry the beautiful yellow into the dining area. I must say, some dismantling had taken place when I saw the picture so perhaps I missed something. In the final analysis, it's your wonderful memories of the times spent with family and friends that is the most important and what makes a room important.

  3. I agree. There was a post or two when you were wrestling with what to do about your dining room, but I liked it just as it was.

    I'll check out Thos Jayne's site, and like the post-your-best idea, but it might be interesting to make it part of the deal that submissions have to be 2-parters: a room of your own & a room you admire. Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

  4. I just received the latest issue of spaces and really enjoyed your article. My sister and I just had a conversation similar to this. She asked me why I buy everything at antique stores instead of a big box like target. I kindly tried to explain to her that the things I buy from antique stores are a much better quality and have a history that you can't find with things you buy from target. She said "but nobody knows the difference." My reply, but I do and that's all that matters.

  5. Terrible to say but one of the favorite rooms I told Thomas about when he was working on the book is the oval and mirrored dining room/ballroom at a ladies' club in Chicago. It's downtown, and for the life of me I can never remember the name of the club. The building is painted black on the exterior (money ran out during construction, so the stone layer wasn't put on) and the interior is all magical, very 1920s, and almost perfectly preserved. Magnaverde, you know the one I mean, yes?

  6. Can't wait to see the dining room the new house conjures up. Since my dining room is now the staging area for an upstairs redo, our thanksgiving dinner was held in my little library. It was romantic and lovely. Maybe there's foreshadowing here: instead of completion of projects, we'll keep moving into smaller rooms and leave the mess behind. My husband's grandfather actually did that and finally ended up sleeping in the living room on his sofa with all the doors shut behind him…scary thoughts today. Must be all those T-day carbs still in the system!

  7. AAL, if you're thinking of the same jaw-droppingly glamorous private club that I am, there's a good reason that you can't remember the name of place. You're not supposed to remember it. As non-members descend the stairs into the club's elegant black-walled vestibule to leave, an attendant presses a button that wipes out all memory of having been there, and with it, the name of the club. Why do you think the place is painted black?

    But the mechanism's almost a century old, and it doesn't always work, which is why, even though you've lost the name, you still have the dream-like vision. I have the same haunting dream, but I remember the name: Manderley. No, no, wait. That's a different dream.

    Last night, I dreamt I went to The Casino again…

    NOT Magnaverde

  8. The Casino Club in Chicago is not for women only but IS gorgeous and preserved in the 1920's style..
    The Women's Athletic Club in Chicago has a magical "silver/ mirrored" room but it is not oval…perhaps you are thinking of this club?
    I am a member of both.

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