I’m a flirt. I always have been. I like a little playful banter that makes any hum-drum here or there feel like skipping through the park.

There was a time when I practiced the art in white shirt, plaid skirt. Now, the sideways glance coupled with a rapier sharp repartee turns any obligation into a bit of a tour de force. (OK, it’s true, I did not always choose my sparring partner based on wit; that came later.)

And why not? Now, it’s harmless. Genteel grown-up fun as long as boundaries are very carefully observed.

So will I keep driving by White Wall’s house? Happen to be up at school just as he is leaving basketball practice? Call and hang up when he answers the phone? (There are those of us who remember being able to do this before technology became such a narc.)

Can I let color be the sauce upon the noodles? The curry on the rice? We’ll see, but I have certainly altered my route to pep club and the grocery store and my best friend’s house. Just to catch a glimpse of him walking out the door.

All images Farrow & Ball, Living with Colour by Ros Byam Shaw (which contains lots – lots – of great images with color on the walls as well); photography by Jan Baldwin.
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28 thoughts on “Beguiling

  1. I think this is more than flirtation. I think you're doodling his initials in the back of your composition book, as well. All I can say of him is this, he's a bit high maintenance.

  2. T&C Mom – You're spot on though I have not taken to "Patricia White Walls" yet. And, I must say, each one I flirt with tends to be very high maintenance. It's a flaw of mine.

  3. Lovely post.
    I sniff a Blandings book deal poised and ready to pounce.
    In short, you are an inspiration.
    And btw, white walls all the way 😉

  4. Charming. But is White Walls the sort of boy one brings home to meet the family, or the sort with whom one flirts but leaves at the foot of the stairs?

  5. Then there's me, with the fresh, citrusy paint of my new apartment barely dry, and I'm already staring at old photos & mooning over White Walls I broke up with just about a year ago this time. Happy First Anniversary.

  6. I will never think of white walls in quite the same way. You have definitely sparked my brain. I just might start flirting, too. My walls are white and until just now, I hated them. Bring on the details–love this post.

  7. And he's so easy to get along with – can certainly understand his appeal. Stuck at the first image – I would never leave!

  8. Todd, yes, that is what I'm trying to figure out. No ring yet.

    Magna – there's always a little remorse about that first love – doesn't mean he was right forever.

  9. Paint is an easier do-over than love gone bad. Caller ID certainly has taken some of the fun out of angst/flirtation/obsession, no? Hope Mr. White Walls doesn't have spycam to track drivebys!

  10. Go for those white walls, Mrs. B. You're obviously in the midst of big changes, and nothing says clean slate/fresh piece of paper better than matte white rooms (the right white for the space and light, that is–not always so easy to find.) You may find yourself tinting those rooms, one by one, over time. But for now, get out that bucket of whitewash.

    P.S. White Walls's best friend told me that WW really likes you.

  11. hmm. What was one of the first things I said to you? "you're keeping the walls white? We'll see how long that lasts"

    Let's get the betting going. Who's in?

  12. HBD – truer words

    Anon – Really? He said that? Because I keep seeing him talking to Sisal Carpet and I thought they might be going steady.

    Megan – I may add a poll – I don't think I can do on-line wagering.

  13. Our new addition feels like flirting and it has it's price.
    Deciding what to love is the hardest part, knowing that in the end someone's feelings will be hurt and left broken-hearted.

  14. Hummm….

    What would the white purists say?
    The things inside and living in the home become the true treasures.
    A punch of color is always a welcoming surprise. You are embarking on your new search, go for it Patricia and adapt to new digs!

    You can and should explore your interests……I would imagine you would have a torrid time turning treasures into the true focus.

    Tradgedy? No, a take on your adventurous spirit and changing & ever insightful visioness!

    Happy Holidays,


  15. The nice thing about Mr White is that he has a habit of showing everything around off to advantage, like beautiful bones and curves. How can a lady resist?

  16. The loveliest of these photos are the ones where the antique furniture is the drama in the room and Mr. White adds just the perfect foil. On the other hand, put a lot of color in front of Mr. White and he grows jealous and cold. Something to think about.

  17. Wellll….I would have kept mum about this….I didn't want to make you uncomfortable or jealous. But White Walls and I are way past flirting and in the middle of a mad and passionate affair. Perhaps that is why you have been waiting out in front of his house for so long….he has been at my house sleeping over for ages. The thing I love about him is that he doesn't mind all of my quirks. I can change my accessories as often as I like, and he never seems to mind. In fact, he loves variety and is always calm…no matter how many times I change my mind. I love that in guy. (He also loves my off-color jokes).

  18. Sorry to bring the clever reparte to a quick halt, but I would love to know more about the striped runner on the stairs in the last pic. Any info??

  19. white walls…3 boys, a hubby & a dog? My way is disguise, disguise, disguise till I have a moment to bring the soapy rag or the dyson out. Of course I only have 1 boy, a hubby and two dogs. Good luck with whatever the choice is.

  20. Your post brings such a smile to my face!
    The Germans have a word for that situation:
    Lebensabschnittspartner…..don't try to say it…
    Means: a companion for a while.
    Well, you can always change it! I like the flirty part!
    It's certainly exciting!

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