Tweet, Tweetley Deet

Just so you know, I’m on Twitter, here. Who knows how it will go; you’ll notice the calendar in the side bar has vanished. Still, I’m giving it a go. Sometimes it’s good to step out, as the Jackson 5 have here in their yellow, orange and white. Think it’s a look you can’t pull off?

Jennifer Post,

Keith Irvine,

Muriel Brandolini,

Dan Carithers and

David Hicks managed just fine.
Image, top, photography by Anita Calero, next, Michael Mundy, both from House & Garden Book of Style; third image, Pieter Estersohn, Style and Substance, The Best of Elle Decor; next, Estersohn, again for Southern Accents on Color, image, last, uncredited, from David Hicks: Designer.
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10 thoughts on “Tweet, Tweetley Deet

  1. I love how a color can just add so much warmth to a room….with all this snow….and cold, perhaps that is just the perfect remedy….add some citrus!

  2. Look at young Michael bless him! I may have mentioned before that a 1996 shade of Tuscan (or could be primrose) yellow and off-white is the basis of my scheme here. And a bit of greeny-grey woodwork. But this summer (I'm in Australia) I've been collecting Hermes orange – a couple of Ikea throws, some book spines, and this week some very tall gladiolis and it's so energizing. It started in spring when a bunch of orange tulips sparked so much life into the room that I found an orange book to perch the vase on and it just spread from there. To sharpen the look I've replaced an old pendant light with a large white drum pendant. It's never been a colour scheme I've considered but our living space is certainly now more mod than dowdy. And it's unexpected. Next I'd like some orange and white trellis cushions for my yellow sofa.
    Cherill W, Adelaide SA

  3. You will discover that twitter is fun but I must warn you, highly addictive! Sometimes I just have to turn it off. If you are an information junkie, it is so tempting to watch the constant stream of comments passing by. That being said, like blogland, I've met lovely new people and found some terrific new blogs to follow. And as for your Rockin' Robin inspired interiors, orange is one of my favorite colors, so of course love all these beautiful warm images!

  4. I'm just missing the yellow–now I know what is missing–do gilt and brass take the place of yellow? I needed that bit of inspiration.

  5. I am on FB very little, I can barely keep up with my blog and FB, oh yes and life!

    Adore the color combination so warm and brightening.

    Art by Karena

  6. I could use this warmth today!!!

    I've tweeted, then retreated. I'll give it another go soon. Just find it hard juggling it all. Let me know how you like it!

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