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You know how you have things that you like, but you just don’t have the right spot right now? That’s the fun of moving; suddenly, you discover that you have the spot for the thing you felt quite sure that you needed, but couldn’t fit. Last year the Dolphin Gallery had an exhibit of Elizabeth Wilson’s collection of vintage Japanese textiles. The patterns in the fabric are classic and modern. They sometimes remind me of folk art.

While the fabrics were at the Dolphin they scanned hundreds of the patterns, making it possible to print them in any size (almost) on paper or canvas or, say, silk.

The problem, of course, is deciding.

And once I knew there were hundreds, well, I wanted to see hundreds.

I am looking for two large pieces to flank a window in the family room. I’m square, so I want rectangular, but this circle might cure a thirst for Hirst.

It is interesting to see the fabric enlarged so dramatically; up close, you can see the weave of the threads.

The Dolphin has not printed all the patterns that were scanned.

Still, there were plenty to keep me busy on a frigid day.

The pulling and pairing, the stacking and sorting, warmed me up just like a good game of hopscotch.

Dolphin Gallery, here. Elizabeth Wilson’s marvelous shop, Asiatica, here.
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10 thoughts on “Out and About – Dolphin Gallery

  1. Fabric, Textiles and Prints really are Art.
    Did you know that Mary Cassat loved Japanese art and textiles too.

    Love to see what you brought home.

  2. The textiles are fabulous! Not sure I know what you mean by scannable or print on fabric….I mean are the images on Dolphin's site to use…Well duh I can certainly look, great works af art!

    Art by Karena

  3. I lived in Japan for 13 months so have a fondness. Thanks for showing these fabrics-I loved the round piece. What did you pick? xx peggybraswelldesign.com

  4. Oh, I think you may be right.
    My thirst for Hirst hurts, but that tie-dyed excuse for a sun just may cure me of the emotional rickets.
    Would love to slap that circular marvel up in my faux-rangerie pipe dream over at Nero.
    Cheers, Alcira


  5. Seriously, I could be occupied for a long, long time by so many great choices. (Only the threat of my backside getting bigger would pull me away from my monitor!) I can't wait to see what you decide; in the meantime have fun playing.

  6. What beautiful textiles. The blue one really caught my eye…and I don't think of myself as a blue person. Hmmmm…might need to reconsider that.

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