Block by Block

Always intrigued by quilts and hooked rugs and needlework, I’ve been focusing lately on the patterns from other cultures and countries that feature similar shapes and patterns as traditional American crafts.

John Robshaw’s pillows offer a nice little case study on this subject.  (Are case studies still a thing in the working world?  We did a million of them back when I twisted into pantyhose five days a week.)

Robshaw’s handblocked designs have always showcased common shapes, but this latest collection features more embroidery and stitching.

You can find the pillow collection here.

All images courtesy of John Robshaw.
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10 thoughts on “Block by Block

  1. I love the second pillow called, Chun. There are just so many wonderful pillows in this new collection. I just bought the Roti Chakra pillow for the seat of a rattan peacock-style chair.

  2. These are lovely! I was at a beautiful showroom yesterday that had amazing pillows from Burma with the most exquisite hand-done silk and ikat. Will post soon.

  3. I love his "Irrwadi," the graphic red embroidery over blockprint. It's ancient and modern at the same time.

    Seems like lately Vietnamese influences have been popping up in his collection — nice that he keeps experimenting in different directions rather than remaining static.

  4. There is something so chic about adding graphic elements to a room which also adds a non-gender zest in the midst of flowers. I myself am loving the black and white patterns.

  5. I just realized today that you are now a consulting editor for AD. Congratulations! I subscribed again, after many years, because of Margaret Russell and today I received the latest issue. Well done!

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