Pop Quiz – Axel Vervoordt

I have to say, I thought this was a tough one. Still, Voice Talk chimed in at 10:20 a.m. to say, “Axel Vervoordt, that is, if the lamp shades are a clue. He was one of the first to start using them, no?”

I did not recognize the designer on sight, but once I knew who it was I could see the clues. The long, low footless sofa with the upholstered apron. The not too tight, but not too loose, slipcovers.

The remarkable floor. And there is, in the first image of the last post, a most beautifully draped throw that reminds me of later work.

Kudos to Mr. Furth who emailed me to capture 2nd Place and Sean and Michele who quickly followed. You are all design crazies extraordinaire.
Images, previous post, Architectural Digest, November 1993. Which, as an aside, was a great issue. You might remember that it had that great red dining room with the botanical prints on the cover. Photography by Kees Hageman. Images, this post, Architectural Digest, September 2008, photography by Mario Ciampi.
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7 thoughts on “Pop Quiz – Axel Vervoordt

  1. I had a dreadful week of medical issues…with husband……not child or grandchild…..it gets very complicated as you get older……..Lordy!….(just so you know…my friend says….."after 60; it is an "organ recital")

    Made it through with everyone coming out roses……..but missed the pop quizzes! I would not have identified the first one….Axel although I am a huge fan.!

  2. i'll never forge the time when i worked in a children's hospital and a grown man came in, drunk, shaking, disheveled and begging for help. someone came and took him somewhere else in the area – but still, it was so sad i will never forget his desperation for someone to help him – he could no longer help himself. he was begging for help.

    as usual – your story was heartfelt.


  3. sorry……where are the lamp shades?

    and is that a terrazzo floor?

    It is beyond divine! think limewash on walls?


  4. what lampshades, what lamps the ones on the wall they sconses on the wall those lampshades now i am confused

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