We Love Urban Grace Transforming Little Spaces

Last night Mr. Blandings came home while I was reading blogs.  “Hey.  What’s that?”  And I scrolled up and then scrolled down to show him Erika Powell’s absolutely-amazing-fantastic attic-turned-bunk-room project complete with hidden stairway door.  “Will you email that to me?”  Sure.  Then we talked about it for about half of dinner (I was horrified to discover my boys don’t know what a trundle bed is) and then the boys insisted on seeing it.  After a moment of awe, they exclaimed, “We need that.”

Needless to say, I suggest you check it out.  Here.

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6 thoughts on “We Love Urban Grace Transforming Little Spaces

  1. It's funny you should mention Erika's project because it knocked my socks off too. I don't even have children and all I want to do now is cover my empty attic in white subway tile and put trundle beds in the second bedroom.

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