Redd-y or Not

I need to get out and start looking at wallpaper books (the olfactory sensation being nearly as good as the visual; what is it about the smell of paint and wallpaper?)  The Blandings’s budget does not allow for Gracie or de Gournay so some other something must be found.  Mr. Redd, thank you so much; I’m quite grateful for the inspiration.

Image, Town and Country, photography by Francesco Lagnese; via Post and Grant.

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12 thoughts on “Redd-y or Not

  1. What a fabulous dressing room that is. I have some rooms that need a facelift as well. I know, I'll get some inspiration here. Thanks for the nudge.

  2. Flipping through his portfolio might make me come around to green walls. I'm colorblind, and green is my worst color, so I usually avoid it like the plague…but there's a room or two in there…Really, Mrs. Blandings, you consistently broaden my (color) horizons…first turquoise, and now green. But never ever gray. Well maybe a sweet dove gray.

  3. Thank you for linking to Miles Redd… What an awesome website! Love seeing that redd background! Reminds me of Chinoiserie Chic with her fuschia. I felt somewhat bold keeping the green background when designing my new look… I love color!

  4. Mr. Redd can do no wrong= design GOD.

    Check out chinoiserie stencils. MUCH better price point and you can do it yourself (or hire a cheap painter to help).

  5. How lucky am I to be so old! I met him fresh out of college when he had just started working at John Rosselli's first store……past York……4 floors. I missed my plane!

    dogs everywhere lounging on sofas covered in old pillows and textiles. I could have died there and lived happily ever after!

    Miles was probably 21. What a talent…evident from the get-go!

    what a thrill to see him thrive and shine!

    He is a genius!
    thank you again for a wonderful post!


  6. Stiff curtain valances have come to have a bad reputation, but undeservedly so, as evidenced here.

  7. hope you are inspired to grace your walls with some paint. hand painted vines and a bird or two…"a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush" or whatever that quote says….
    do show us.

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