Closer to Home

This project has been complete for a while.  A few folks had asked if I had painted the inside of the armoire.  At the time, I hadn’t.  Now, I have.

I was inspired by Mary McDonald and some of the styling in her book, Mary McDonald Interiors.  My folks have given me a lot – a lot – of cut crystal over the years and I was starting to wonder what in the world I would ever do with it.  Then I spied McDonald’s collection of crystal on her bedroom coffee table.  Pretty.  Sparkly.  I liked it.  So several of my pieces have found a home holding hair bands and beads and baubles.

Silver, too, and I have been on the look out for more of these reticulated cups of which I have a few. (No silver polish was harmed in the staging of my photo, top.)

The baskets hold some basics.  One houses hairdryer, brushes and combs; the other is a temporary spot for the boys’ art.  I don’t save it all (don’t tell them) and I eventually file them in separate bins, but in the day-to-day I find that I pile it somewhere so I actually assigned it a spot.  It works pretty well and keeps the top of my refrigerator clear.

You can see the transformation of the outside of the cabinet here.

All images, other than top, from Mary McDonald Interiors, Rizzoli, photography Melanie Acevedo.

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13 thoughts on “Closer to Home

  1. I love, love what you have done with the armoire Patricia!

    Using special momentos from your family is is wonderful!!

    Art by Karena

  2. Wow! Looks great. So neat and organized. This excuses the jar of face cream used to keep your cup of coffee warm in the morning 😉 (Only kidding!)

  3. Just beautiful.
    I love the stacked lipsticks and the magnificent childrens' art — dinosour, dragon, demon? — all so fab!
    PS, I also like a good patina on my silver — it drives my mother crazy.

    Cheers, Alcira

  4. I love the armoire – inside and out! I use crystal and silver urns and containers to hold all the little sundries in my bathroom – cotton pads, Q-tips, make up brushes – etc. I wish I had a larger piece like your armoire for all the bigger necessities!!

  5. Thank you, thank you. It is nice to have the space and it does mostly look like this as the jar of cream/coffee cup top and the like live under the sink. And, Jennifer, of course I knew you were kidding.

    Alcira – 90% of that lipstick is variations on the same shade; the remaining 10% is red. Really, I could have two tubes of lipstick, but what's the fun in that? And, the drawing is a Chinese dragon. All the other Chinese dragon pictures were covered in colorful glitter. "No glitter?" "I'm just not a sparkly guy." His father's son.

  6. it has been fun for me to go to the habitat store and goodwill and see all the tv armoires that are now there-
    all due to the new style of tvs in our lives-
    i have been looking for the perfect one to turn into a wardrobe-
    one day i will find it-

    john in nc

  7. Those crystal are lovely. Fabulous room you have there! You really are good in putting things together 😉

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