Cross My Heart

A very thoughtful reader sent me the image, above, scanned from her tear sheet file.

This is exactly what I was thinking for the front hall.  The paper, St. James Trellis, was manufactured by Cole & Son (I believe it is discontinued) and I have another of their flawless diamonds taped to a wall as we speak.  (Write.  Read.)  I am waiting for one more and then I will pull the trigger.  It finally feels like things are coming together.

Images, Traditional Home, originally published April 2007, the home of Valerie and Anthony Evans, managing director of Cole & Son.  Currently on their site here.  Photography credit unavailable.
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6 thoughts on “Cross My Heart

  1. Love any kind of trellis for the walls. Love these images, so classic and timeless. But just enough to make a statement. Absolutely gorgeous….I have used a lot of Cole and Son, Scalamandre just added a new collectoin I believe last week and last Colefax and Fowler has a gorgeous new collection as case you didnt' long as you are looking!

  2. I clicked on the link you provided for Traditional Home article. Page 7 read this way and I loved it. "In 2000, Anthony and some associates made a successful bid to buy Cole & Son, the venerable British manufacturer of wallpaper. After raising the money, they set about rehiring all the workers who had been made redundant in recent years. "They were not just factory workers," he explains, "but craftsmen with tremendous expertise." Since then Cole & Son has gone from "strength to strength," particularly in the United States, where the wallpaper is distributed by Lee Jofa."

  3. This paper is similar to the Phillip Jeffries wallcovering (Trellis Embroidery 5912) Richard Mishaan used in his Kips Bay Decorator Show House room this year–but the scale and proportions are different, of course.

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