Lazy Hazy Days

What if I had a month of one-a-days?  I tend to use about five images a post so that would put me at about a 20% workload for the summer.  (See how I’ve now stretched it from a month to over two?)  If I did, limit myself to one image a day that is, I’d have more time to lounge about on this pretty, airy love seat.  And love it, I do.  Stripes softer than crisp and the Bennison fabric on the wall – pretty as pretty can be.  And that punchy little pillow is just what I need beneath my head.  (You won’t mind if I prop my feet up on the arm, I hope?)  Oh.  Except it’s not mine.  Bother.

With all this time on my hands, I realize it’s been a long while since I’ve seen East Egg; perhaps this is the summer to go back.

Image, Luxe Magazine, Spring 2011, design Peters & Mbiango Interiors; photography Troy Campbell.

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13 thoughts on “Lazy Hazy Days

  1. Oh my – just LOVE this image!! Now there's a good idea – an image a day. I was thinking of taking Mondays off for the summer – we'll see. And if you do come out to visit East Egg – give a holler – we can see it from the beach here!!

  2. Those of us who suffer easily from image overwhelm would quite like your lighter schedule. Just for the summer mind you, just for the summer:).

  3. Love, love this fabulous images; I would have my feet up on the arm and head on the pillow!

    Go go to East Egg!

    Art by Karena

    I have an amazing Giveaway from the Artisans at Novica. You will love it!

  4. The fabrics are beautiful, and make me look at the 'brown' in the room, which makes my heart sing. The mirror and table are whispering sweet nothings to each other. Yes!

  5. I love that room. With all of its great elements, one picture is all you need. What about that mirror!!! I guess that the boys are out of school for the summer–so that love seat might get a little lonely. Be well. Mary

  6. You know, now that you mention it, I'm in a little bit of a glam era summer read mood as well, and that one's just the ticket I think.

  7. Lovely image, Patricia. I live ( and grew up) right between East Egg and West Egg( Kings Point and Sands Point)in the town Babe Paley had her estate, Kiluna Farm… me if you stop by on your way to Sag Harbor.
    ( much has changed since the 1960's and 70's when it was still truly elegant)-linda,ny

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