Act II

Obviously, there is set design and decoration.  Pages of sketches of costumes and stage.

There are also examples of decoration of both rooms and painted walls.

Don’t forget tales of British aristocracy and politics and life-long friendships.

But the best parts of Oliver Messel: The Theatre of Design for me are the houses he designed in Barbados and Mustique.  Those chalky walls, bare floors, porcelain and chintz.  My copy’s spine is already cracked to Chapter Five.  For the design?  Yes.  But also for the reassurance that one can shift focus, try something new and succeed.

This book truly has it all – great design, a rollicking story, a great romance and best of all a dashing leading man.  And wonderful pictures to boot.  All images courtesy of Rizzoli for Oliver Messel: In the Theatre of Design edited by Thomas Messel.  Photography for all photos but the third by Derry Moore, the other is by Dale Curtis.  Rizzoli provided the book for review.

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8 thoughts on “Act II

  1. Why those rooms look as though they speak volumes.
    The furniture and cushions look as though they are breathing in and out.

  2. These rooms are the best things I've seen in a long time. I think this is THE book of the year, a must-have! Thank you for sharing the beauty!!

  3. I love the lived in look of the furniture with butt impressions that say, we love this room, these are our things, we use it. So often interior design books say "quick, take a picture, our designer just finished, we just bought all this new, and no one really lives here."

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