Light of My Life

“Is Halloween on a full moon?”


“Then I’m going to be a werewolf, because since it is not a full moon I can just be a regular kid.”

“If you don’t wear a costume, you can’t go trick-or-treating.  House rules.”

“Then I’ll be a lamp.”

With a pause I looked up over the top of my glasses, “I can totally make you a lamp.”

Do not double-dog-dare me.  Not to make you a lamp or take the tequila shot or drive to Dallas to see The Who.  Because I will.  When I suggested he tuck the end of an extension cord into the cuff of his pants and carry the plug over his elbow he said, “You have to stop now.”

This is my way of explaining why posts have been spotty.  Picking paint colors and working and managing the boys all take a little energy and some creative juju.  Sometimes there is not enough left over for a blog post.  I’m not quitting, just getting things together.  A woman who I worked with a million years ago, one of my favorite women ever, used to say, “I need to get my shit in one sock.”  That is, indeed, what I am trying to do.

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22 thoughts on “Light of My Life

  1. Hi Patricia, I completely understand (been there, done that); nevertheless, you are missed!! I do love the lamp costume. I think that the year I made a Gumby costume for my oldest was my best. Be well. Mary

  2. Twinges in the heart! Remember so clearly that age in a boy's life, and you miss it madly when they are grown. Clever with the costume!

  3. My, this is a funny and tremendously endearing post — thanks for a good start to the day! The parting phrase from your friend, brilliant! I need get mine in one sock too.
    best to you and thanks again.

    PS the lamp is genius. kudos.

  4. You and your young son have brought both laughter and tears to this man! Of course his Mother could think up such a costume. Good luck with the rest, and thanks for jump starting my morning.

  5. Patricia, the lamp idea is awesome! I laughed out loud at that picture. And "getting your shit in one sock" is so much more colorful than getting your ducks in a row! I will be using that from now on.
    Thank you so much for being a REAL person instead of one of those bloggers that try to make you think their shit doesn't stink. 🙂

  6. Mrs. Blandings,

    Those of us from Kansas City know shit when it happens.

    Right now think I am where you are. I'm having a log cabin built 125 miles from where I live, man of the year is in 2000 miles away remodeling a vacation house for us, I am trying to hold down a cancer research position, and I have a house guest who related to everything as though it were a mental health issue. I told him my lab was synthesizing a better cancer drug with less side effects. He replied, "Yes but what about the behavior?" I hesitated a beat before saying we just save lives, what you do with them is up to you. He will be with me another three days. Pray for me. Wait, maybe you should pray for him!!!

    Good going on the costume. I think that is just great. The cord, well ok, maybe that was a little over the top. Ann

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