PJ Party

I went to stay with friends about a month ago and unthinkingly tossed my favorite pajamas in my bag.

When I pulled them out, now in sumptuous surroundings instead of my master bedroom that is reminiscent of a large dog bed, I was shocked by their shabbiness.

I think it is time for Marigot to the rescue.

Men’s-style pajamas tailored for women in high count cotton with snappy trim is just the answer.  There are nightshirts, too and coming for spring these really jazzy prints.

Long cashmere sweaters on top create a cozy cocoon.  Oprah likes them, too.  Marigot made the gift guide, so if you enter “OPRAH” at check out you will receive 10% off through December 1st and a chance to win a full set including the sweater.

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4 thoughts on “PJ Party

  1. Hi Patricia, They even have Paypal!! I think that I might have to bite the bullet for the cashmere sweater–it would be the perfect light weight coat for Southern California……price point is definitely something to sigh about. All of the colors are wonderful. thank you. Mary

  2. It's cashmere season! Those sweaters look perfectly luxurious -all I'd need is a steaming cup of coffee and I'm set for the Winter!

  3. I borrowed my sons Brook's Brother robe to take to Europe and wore my Kayce Hughe's cotton t-dress as a pj…..but these are great and I love that cashmere sweater.

  4. So true, and always the last thing to think of. Don't even get me started on the contents of my so-called lingerie drawer. Will have to check out the pjs. I have a vision of myself someday looking like Audrey Tatou in the Chanel movie, in fab simple white men's style pygamas.

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