Hang Time

This has always been a jumbly stream of consciousness, so I am sure that you will understand that in the midst of cleaning up paper and breaking down boxes I stopped to look at Carrier and Company’s portfolio.  You can’t convince me that everyone doesn’t do this sort of thing.

Loads of pretty things there, but I was charmed by these hangers on.  Quick and easy curtains – you could make them while your children are playing X Box (or Wii or PS3 or Chinese Checkers if there are still children who play such things) – two small knobs, a finished square and a couple of loops.  No fuss, no muss, but it has the same casual elegance as Astaire’s handkerchief.

Images courtesy of Carrier and Company.

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8 thoughts on “Hang Time

  1. I looked at their website…makes me want to re-do everything! Absolutely Perfectly edited ..just the right balance, and so serene..NO clutter..sighhhh

  2. Hi Patricia, You are right–instant curtains. I've made tons of drapes and curtains, but that handkerchief style would definitely cut down on the labor and fabric-plus it looks good. Hope that you Christmas was fantastic. Mary

  3. Thank you so much for the inspiration (your blog is full of it)! Just wanted to start off 2012by telling you how much I appreciate it.

  4. These curtains are wonderful. I have 2 bedrooms where I want sunlight and privacy, and don't want to deal with drapes and possibly sheers. Thanks for the idea. And the blue on the walls is beautiful.

  5. Looks great in these photos hanging down but I fear once attached to both knobs or hooks it would appear to be a sheet at the window streetside.

  6. This months Vogue has a fantastic piece on a Southampton home Carrier and Co. did with Miranda Brooks that is just beautiful. I'm dying to see more pics but they don't have it on their website yet!

    I do believe it's Anna Wintour's summer home you have pictured 🙂

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