Shopping the Show with Charlotte

Sketch by Raymond Espinasse, Soloman Suchard Antiques and Fine Art, Shaker Heights, OH.
In September, I attended the Lauritzen Garden Antique Show in Omaha, Nebraska.  The fundraiser was founded by Mary Seina and the late Kim Lauritzen.  “It was partly thanks to John Roselli.  We were in his shop [Treillage in New York] and he said, ‘You should go to the Brooklyn Show,'” remembers Seina.

Tortoise Dressing Mirror, Sallea Antiques, New Canaan, CT.

After visiting the New York Botanical Garden’s Antique Garden Furniture Show, Seina and Lauritzen decided that they needed to something similar in Omaha, a city long on interest, resources and taste, but short on antique shops.

Tiffany Bamboo Tea Service, Atlanta Silver and Antiques

Aiming to attract top national dealers, the pair figured the best way to get the dealers’ attention was to buy from them.

Cane Folding Garden Chairs, Linda Pearce, Kansas City, MO.

“It turned out to be an expensive project,” notes Seina.  But it worked.

Leeds Pottery Horse, Earle Vandekar, Maryknoll, NY.
These were some of my favorite pieces.
Pair of Venetian mirrors, Anthony Armand Scornavacco, Minneapolis MN

Click over to Architectural Digest to see some of the things that Charlotte Moss pointed out and pick up some tips on shopping antique shows.

All images my own except the last which is via AD from Lauritzen Gardens.

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7 thoughts on “Shopping the Show with Charlotte

  1. I have dinner frequently with a friend who has a knack for always choosing the best things on the menu. I don't know what that gift is, but her dinner invariably looks better than everyone else's. Shopping for antiques with Charlotte Moss must be a lot like that. I imagine that she has that knack for selecting whatever is most wonderful.

  2. I admire the entire selection here, and loved your piece in AD about shopping with Charlotte. Great list of shows and I must say I adored the English gravy server Charlotte snapped up!

  3. Just perfect. How can this not bring a smile to the face? Amazing & beautiful, all. Completely joyful that this came about…gorgeous & glorious!

    Happy St. Nick's day, dear Blandings all; happiest of holidays to you!

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