Catching Up

Just back from New York after not having been for a year.  I had missed it more than I realized and mentioned to a friend over tea that I could see myself living there.  “Well, the weather has been great, darling,” was his reply.  Too true – it was gorgeous – but more and more familiar and filled with friends.  (Bill and the boys are not keen to this idea, so don’t be looking for my change of address card anytime soon.)

My latest piece is up at, so do click over to see what inspired Thomas Pheasant’s newest collection for Baker.  It’s the most remarkable treat to be able to rummage about in creative minds, and his is a particularly good one.

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest, but the image top is via Baker and the one below by Mr. Pheasant.

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7 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Thrilled that you had a chance to enjoy NY and yes, I could see you living there too. Wonderful piece for AD as well as that Athen's Chair by Thomas Pheasant.

  2. Thank you for the reminder to check out AD! Great review of TP's new line! I've lived and worked in NYC, husband's whole career was in NYC and both my children have worked in NYC – but guess we all need more sky and air than NYC has to offer, because we have all migrated away – son the furthest in Santa Fe NM! But there is nothing like a visit to that great City to recharge the engines!

  3. So good to see you Patricia. A fabulous collection and I love seeing the inspiration Thomas derives for his designs.

    I am on sabbatical; however had to visit when I saw you pop up in email.

    Art by Karena

  4. Always such a treat to VISIT NYC, I imagine myselfing living there until I get home and think "there's no place like home!".
    Pheasant is SUCH a talent -I am in awe of his new additions to his collection at baker. just LOVE them.

  5. I have got to get back to NYC myself! It has been way too long. And now….I am off to visit your article and see what's new at Baker!

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