Circling Back Around

I wear bracelets every day.  I don’t know why I have such an affinity for them.  Even my watch, which is masculine and severe, is more bracelet than timepiece.  Most days I wear the slim, hooked cuff that was my mother’s.  Most days I wear the large link chain that I bought for myself to mark a milestone.  Some days I wear the red beads that bring energy. Some days I wear the diamond bangles that mark the birth of my children.

As I contemplated a tattoo, there were a few phrases that lingered in my brain.  For the last three New Year’s Eves, I have set an intention for the coming year. I write it on a thick, white card and seal it in an envelope that I keep on my desk. The idea is to open it on my birthday in August to see how I am doing.  I usually cheat and open it earlier.  Not too much earlier, but early.

So now I have three phrases that mean something to me; they have served me well. Too many, though, to ink upon my skin.  But I like the idea of having them close to me.  As with a tattoo, I didn’t need other people to be able to read them, not that I cared if they did, but the words were for me. I string some words for money, some for love and some for free, but a few I keep for myself.

I remembered that my friend, Sloane, has bracelets with words stamped into them.  She represents the artist, Elle Binder, at her store, Stuff, and I asked her if I could have one made in gold.  Gold, as you may or may not be aware, is quite expensive.  Too expensive, it turns out, for someone who writes sometimes for money and love and free.  But Binder also works in silver and is happy to finish her pieces in brass for those of us who need a warmer metal that is not so expensive.

“You need to have it sealed,” said Sloane when I picked it up. And I will.  Soon.  But for now I am delighted at the clear note it rings when it hits the links, a sound reminiscent of the bells in Mass calling my attention to the transformation, which is where my focus should be.

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11 thoughts on “Circling Back Around

  1. I am a bracelet fan too and am smitten with bangle mantras! I had three made last year that I wear daily. They encourage and inspire me when I see them and hear them! I still the love my current phrases, but know I can always come up with new ones when/if that season passes. Kind of a beautiful way to mark transformation and growth!

    Best Wishes from California

  2. Yep, me too: the sentimental, the symbolic, the intentional, layered on my wrist each day. Solidly in my visual frame? Close to the hands, the instruments of manifestation? "Reminiscent of the bells in Mass calling my attention to the transformation, which is where my focus should be," love that.

  3. I wear five Sterling cuffs all the time, removing them only for airport security. My children say they can always find me in a store because they listen for the bracelets clinking together. I, of course, no longer hear them at all! But they are part of me, sentimental. One, bought when I was 18 in Mexico and in love, has been on my wrist for 40 years now. Another commemorates my 25th wedding anniversary. (Not to the same love so yes, different men on my wrist.) The others are from trips to Mexico or the local jewelry store -not as memorable-but finish the set and seem to make the perfect amount of noise and flash.

  4. Yes, I'm working on transformation. My words came early this year. I need to remember them daily. Perhaps a bracelet would be the reminder. Thank you. xoxo Mary

  5. Patricia, first of all I am so happy to see you posting more often. Second the words you have chosen on your bracelet are wonderful. An open heart is so important to pull in all the world has to offer.

    The Arts by Karena

  6. Karen – I bought the large link several years ago at Tivol here in Kansas City. The beads are David Yurman from his men's collection.

  7. Thanks, Mrs. Blandings! I'll check David Yurman and search for a similar large link chain bracelet. Again, beautiful bracelets!

  8. There is a special grace that comes from loving, living with words. Voracious readers as children, playing and collecting words as if they themselves are the jewels.

    My husband and I were both English majors. While he went on to law school and learned to parse words, I stayed in wordland still in awe of their beauty. In our kitchen/dining room/library redo, I'm in the process of having beams painted—really stripes with symbols and phrases of literature that have nourished us for what seems a lifetime.

    Follow your heart and write.

  9. I too wear three motto bangles, and when another phrase speaks to me, I will have another made. Each is by a different artist, I have been told I play with them incessantly as I talk, and they have started many conversations. If I ever have granddaughters, they will receive a copy of my Winnie the Pooh bangle: "you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"

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