I have a few peony bushes on the east side of my house.  Last year they didn’t bloom.  They are in the shade of an entirely unappealing tree that is skinny and tall and drops fuzzy pods in the spring. It is also too close to the house.  The peonies do not like the tree and neither do I.  It does, however, have a thing going with the hydrangeas.

This year the peony bush that is furthest north and receives the afternoon sun has offered a few blooms in appreciation. Saturday I cut them all and brought them in just minutes before a charming pink truck delivered flowers to my door.  The white bouquet and the peonies did not acknowledge one another.  I think they were both a little threatened, so I spoke to each pleasantly, but did not expect them to become friends.

Monday morning as I was reading the paper, I heard a sound behind me.  It was as if someone had tipped a box of new leather gloves onto the floor.  Soft, but distinct, like fingers drumming without a rhythm. I turned to see a pile of petals in a heap on the table.  The bloom had held them as long as she could and finally had to let go; she seemed a little relieved. As I turned back to the paper I thought that if I had made my coffee five minutes later, even two, I would have missed that magical sound and would have only seen a mess as I came into the room.

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7 thoughts on “Timing

  1. Patricia what I love about this reveal is that you are so attuned, to the small nuances of life and appreciate the wonder of it all!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. I will tell you what my mother told me years ago: cut the tree down! You will spend the rest of your days cleaning up after that tree, being annoyed by that tree and hating that tree. Then one day you will have to have it removed and wonder why didn't I do this years ago…..

  3. I hope you left them there for quite awhile! My friend who has "Rose Story Farm' says that is the most wonderful part……after they lose their petals….they are fragrant….at a different stage!" relish the petals on the ground! And the table!! Part of life!!!

  4. Oh dear. I do have to vehemently disagree with the rig person. Birds and wildlife will be deprived. I cannot imagine being annoyed by and wanting to destroy a tree!

    (OOPS! On one occasion; we bought our property to build our house….there were about 20 huge eucalyptus trees on our lot…..the arborists told us that the "euc's" (non-native) would eventually kill the native live Oaks on our property. By using all of the water I made sure it was't nesting season; and we took them all down except one. It was left for the hawk. His favorite perch!

    Why not make friends with that tree???


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