Gentleman Caller

       He’s large.  Far bigger than the other spiders who hang around
here.  If he were closer he might be scary, but he stays on the far end of
the porch having spun his web just over the swing.  He’s smart, of course,
as the light from the big window nearby draws all he needs to nourish. I don’t
think he means me any harm, though others might see it differently.  I
have no interest in shooing him away or dismantling his web. One could argue
that he’s doing me a favor, ridding me of all those bugs.  He amuses rather
than frightens me, as he draws his long legs up and makes himself, in his mind,
invisible, though his body, which is as big as my thumb, is in clear view. I
talk to him as I come and go.  The jingle
of my keys no longer startles him.  We
watch to see what the other will do next.

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8 thoughts on “Gentleman Caller

  1. Wonderful attitude. And he probably is doing you a favor, as you are doing for him.
    I draw the line when I find them in my bed….then I swoop through the house with the vacuum sucking up all the little bugs and webs. I live in an older log cabin and I'm noticing that as the weather has cooled, more and more of these spiders are moving inside. Nope. Not ok. Outside they are welcome. Hey! They can even have the basement! But not in my room.

  2. Patricia as long as he knows his place and that he is not invited in the house!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Painting Central Park

  3. egadfly – I like the idea of him being male; it suited my needs. I did google and most sources say that both female and male web building spiders build webs. There was a caveat on one that mentioned that some mature male spiders give up web building to devote their time to finding mates. Which I can understand. But a guy's still gotta eat, right? Maybe he lives on love.

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