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Mrs. B at AD – All Wright

Last month I attended the Italian Masterworks and Important Design auctions at Wright in Chicago.  As I anticipated it was something of an adventure, at least for someone like me who loves picking the brains of creative people about process.  Richard Wright and I talked uncharted career paths, modern design, living with young sons and the impossibility of the Death Star Lego set.

As these things sometimes do, being there made me want dip into their world a little bit.  As I watched Mr. Wright’s associates take bids over the phone, I wanted to feel the receiver pressed to my ear, hear the excitement, or frustration, of the collector yearning to capture his heart’s desire.

You can read the piece at ArchitecturalDigest.com here.

Photo courtesy of Wright.

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Hi/Lo New York Minute

In New York a couple of weeks ago, I spied Nate Berkus across the room.  I did not accost him as I’ve promised myself not to wrangle an introduction only to offer, “I love your work,” but I’m happy to report that he is just as cute in person as he is on film.  (Tape.  TV.  Or iwhatever it is you are using.)

I did, however, have the opportunity to visit with him recently about his new line for Target.  You can see what he had to say at archdigest.com here.  (Not just cute to look at, he is charming as well.)  While you’re there check out his renovation of his New York duplex.   If I’d seen the layout before I’d seen him I fear I would not have been able to restrain myself from elbowing through the crowd.

Image, Nate Berkus’s living room, Architectural Digest November 2012; photography Pieter Estersohn, produced by Robert Rufino

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Catching Up

Just back from New York after not having been for a year.  I had missed it more than I realized and mentioned to a friend over tea that I could see myself living there.  “Well, the weather has been great, darling,” was his reply.  Too true – it was gorgeous – but more and more familiar and filled with friends.  (Bill and the boys are not keen to this idea, so don’t be looking for my change of address card anytime soon.)

My latest piece is up at archdigest.com, so do click over to see what inspired Thomas Pheasant’s newest collection for Baker.  It’s the most remarkable treat to be able to rummage about in creative minds, and his is a particularly good one.

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest, but the image top is via Baker and the one below by Mr. Pheasant.

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