I Hate to Say I Told You So…

but I told you so.

Hello, Mr. Gambrel, I’ve been missing you a bit.  Don’t you miss this quintessential American designer in the December issue of World of Interiors.  For those of you who haunt his web site, these rooms will not be new, but how nice to see them on the page.

Also, a stunning layout on a Bill Sofield Manhattan apartment.  Since spotting the grotto chair on the Peak of Chic today I could not shake the image.  Then look, not one, but two here.
The issue also features a wonderful profile on Rose Cumming and lots and lots of good stuff besides.  This magazine is a splurge, but completely worth every penny.
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19 thoughts on “I Hate to Say I Told You So…

  1. This month’s issue is just spectactular, I couldn’t agree more; probably the best this year. I always urge people to get a subscription to this magazine: While it’s the most expensive it is THE best! If I only had to chose one subscription, this would be it!

  2. The Sofield-designed apartment is arguably the most beautiful home in America. At this moment. And the article is amazing—did you get the part about how all the furniture is moved out each winter and replaced with other stuff? While the warm-weather furnishings rest in storage? If that isn’t extravagance, I don’t know what is.

  3. Architect Design – There are few issues of any magazine that I feel the need to keep completely whole; this is one.

  4. Having been in love with World of Interiors since their Weimar issue (more years ago than I care to remember?), I can’t tell you what a joy it is to see you continually present the best of the best…including, of course, Mr. Sofield. (I still love the old Aero days…what a pair they were.) Mrs. Blandings, the hat is off to you, as usual. Beautiful. Thanks.

  5. The coral-pink bedroom is seen from a new angle though!

    I spy the sofa from another photo shoot — Elle Decor a few years back — one of the most blogged pink interiors ever. And just to add more trivia that all of your readers probably already know, I think that’s the four-poster that was SG’s great aunt’s. Formerly seen with apple green paisley in what is now the Margot house decorated by Ruthie 🙂

  6. Oh, you guys are making me so nervous. For unknown reasons the October WoI never made it to any newsstand in this town. November just arrived and I am scared December will be another no show. I’ve been getting the magazine for years and it’s rarely ever happened. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  7. I thought of you when I saw the Gambrel home. And the Studio Sofield apartment literally made me gasp outloud, its breathtaking! I just wish he had a website I could start stalking!

  8. I never buy the World of Interiors usually (considering its horrendous price in France), but I couldn’t help getting it this time.
    True Gambrel’s work looks amazing. So elegant and simple…
    Was wondering what you thought of George Lindemann’s very crazy mock-tudor country house? I really liked it – part art, part interior designer… pretty fascinating…

  9. Ahhh…The World of Interiors. you just can’t throw them away, and its easy to memorize each of its pages/contents. So many eye candies in every issue.

  10. Victoria – I have an old – House Beautiful? – article on Sofield and O’Brien when they were business partners. Wouldn’t that have been an amazing meeting?

  11. Which also makes me note that in all of Gambel’s homes you can see great pieces move from one to the next. The klismos chairs, the demi lune table. He’s a terrific collector and seems to have an attachment to his things. No out with the old.

  12. Ms. Wis – I finally subscribed as I could never find it here. Even at Barnes & Noble they would say, "It should be right here." but it wasn't. Fingers crossed.

  13. Mrs. B.–oh, i wish you did not live so far away from northern ca.; i’ve got (many) thick binders of articles from those long-ago 90’s, and i tried to keep every sofield/o’brien one i found…and a few others i bet you’d like…makes me want to start scanning and sending them off to you! If there was world enough and time…or whatever Andrew Marvell said…

  14. Ok, when you posted about the september? issue I subscribed. Vy naughty of me… but I’m not getting mine until the middle of the month. How are you getting yours so early?

  15. I always make the search to find the new issue and always say I’m going to subscribe but don’t because of the cost and after all, my searching costs more in the end. (?) Well, here I am confined to home in what is called healing and recovery and somehow I have to get someone to go out and search for this issue.

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