Best Wishes, EEE!

Emily Evans Eerdmans is an author and historian and very dear blog friend. I was delighted to find her recent blog post announcing her wedding – hooray! Emily is gracious and lovely and smart and generous with her time and knowledge. As is often the case with this type of person, she has gathered many friends and admirers. Today, a few of us celebrate Emily’s wedding by offering up virtual gifts.
Emily and Mr. EEE, one of the things Mr. Blandings and I enjoy most is entertaining together. We are at our best as we prepare a meal at home. We are rarely happier than we are surrounded by friends at our own table. Mr. Blandings and I wish you many years of happy occasions in your home; whether you celebrate wonderful events or mundane Tuesdays will matter not. And, just to make sure everyone has a spot to sit, I offer a set of T. J. Robsjohn-Gibbings klismos chairs. Gibby would approve, I think, as you’ve done a lot to advance his cause.
Great happiness! Good health! And here’s hoping you never have to attach your hair with an elastic strap. We couldn’t be happier for you.
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12 thoughts on “Best Wishes, EEE!

  1. The chairs are beautiful. Best wishes to Emily. How exciting? It feels like a zillion years ago since I married! Hope you are well and the snow has moved out.

  2. When we give what we wish to keep for our own heart's desire, we give twice, don't you think? That you would give glorious dining chairs to the new couple shows your thoughtful, generous self.


    Your six Klismos chairs look so festive, like a party or a game of MUSICAL CHAIRS…

    I sent Emily a message of good will and blessings.

    Cheers to you…oh, brilliant one (mother of children, wife, blogger, volunteer and all around good sport..

  4. Gosh, I'd almost be willing to warm the seat at the Divorce Lawyers again for the chance to have you at Wedding #3 oh generous one! But then again, you might trick me & give a set of towels.
    Millie ^_^

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